Japanese 20-Somethings “Don’t Know Gundam”

"Gundam? Never heard of her!"

"Gundam? Never heard of her?" Japanese lifestyle magazine R25 ran into a bit of a problem when it tried to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Gundam by surveying young men about franchise mecha. Polled by a market research firm, 51% of the sample set of guys in their 20s didn't know enough about the series to name a favorite design or mech they'd like to pilot.


The internet otaku ranks were a bit appalled by this “How could you not know?” and “Gundam and JoJo are compulsory courses.”


Some however did manage to frame the response from a positive perspective: “It’s great that half of the people knew about a work that was created 35 years ago.”


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Gundam Build Fighters' Rinko Iori "tried building a Gunpla too!"



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