Happy Birthday To Haruka Nanase From "Free!"

Haru-chan celebrates his birthday just a few days before the second season

Happy birthday Haruka! Interestingly, this is the first official birthday since the sexy swimming anime Free! started, as his birthday last year was before the actual broadcast premiere of the anime. To celebrate, the anime's official site has posted special voice messages for a limited time, so let's see what the fans are doing to make this day special for Haruka.



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Haruka's voice actor, Nobunaga Shimazaki posted a tasty broiled saba (mackerel) for Haruka. Nobunaga celebrated his character's birthday with home-made saba simmered in miso last year.




@doro_free not only posted a beautiful illustration of Haruka in the white uniform, but also made a Haruka dessert. So much talent!






An overwhelmingly Haruka decorated room by @daR0ku






This image of Haruka's birthday cake made of sand at a beach in Iwami, Tottori by @koharugf made me tear up a little. There was an episode in one of the drama CDs where Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, Gou and Ama-chan Sensei made a cake out of sand using fire crackers during their training camp to celebrate Haruka's missed birthday.







image via @a_n_do___



image via@machi75

I wonder how many of us will have Saba & pinapple with a cake for dinner tonight? Don't forget to add a glass (or a tub) of water, too! How would you celebrate Haruka's birthday in anticipation of the Eternal Summer?


Source: Nijimen

(c) Koji Ooji Kyoto Animation / Iwatobi High School Swimming Club

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