VIDEO: "Mighty No. 9" Updates with New Work-in-Progress Footage

Inti Creates also shows off the in-game model for Call

If you've been following the development of the crowd-funded Mighty No. 9, you'll be happy to know that Keiji Inafune and the folks at Comcept have some new in-progress footage to share. See how the spiritual successor to Mega Man is shaping up below. 



There's also a new look for Call, introduced in a quick comic by Inti Creates designer Yuji Natsume.



And here's Call's in-game model. Unlike Beck, Call can't perform a crouching dash, so she uses the crawl maneuver pictured below.



Here's her determined running animation.



Call runs straight at danger, not away from it! The animators have done a great job of giving her movements that share Beck’s determination, while still showcasing how different she is from him. Call wasn’t built for combat, but she will do whatever needs to be done to help Beck!


By the way… did you notice that light-pink object on her back? I wonder what that could be...? ;)


Of course these animations are still rough and most definitely works-in-progress, but what do you think? We’d love to hear our Mighty community’s feedback!


Back in May Anime Expo announced Keiji Inafune as a Guest of Honor, and according to the Kickstarter update, he "might have something interesting to share" at his panel. 



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