Kadokawa to Open "Cool Japan" Schools in Taiwan and Singapore

The schools are expected to have 30,000 graduates in 10 years

One of Japan's major publishers Kadokawa announced on July 2 that it will open vocational schools for developing anime/manga creators in Taiwan and Singapore this fall to support Japanese government's "Cool Japan" policy. It plans to establish 10 schools in the Asean countries including Thailand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia by 2016. The schools will be managed by its subsidiary Kadokawa Contents Academy in Tokyo, which was founded in October 2013 as Kadokawa International Edutainment, then the name was changed last month.


The schools plan to have five courses to learn the core of Japanese pop culture for: animator, manga artist, light novel writer, voice actor/actress, and character designer. The teachers for the courses will be sent from Japan for the time being. Kadokawa Chairman Tsuguhiko Kadokawa expects that the schools will turn out 30,000 graduates in 10 years.



CM for Taiwan produced by AllSunday

KADOKAWA International Edutainment CM from AllSunday on Vimeo.


Source: Nikkei, Sankei Biz


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