"Sword Art Online" Awards Name Fan Favorite Characters and Episodes

SAO Award winners announced leading up to debut of second season

Leading up to the debut of Sword Art Online II, the series site has been unveiling the winners of the SAO Awards, as selected in two rounds on online voting between April 20 and May 19th for nominations and May 21 and June 19th for the finals. Voice performance as well as visual effects, costume, weapon/armor and skill are still coming up, but many of the big prizes have been awarded.



Check out the award page for special winner wallpapers


Background Music

1. Swordland

2. Luminous Sword

3. A Tender Feeling

4. A Tiny Love

5. Fight!

6. Aincrad

7. Yui

8. Dance With Me



Monster Award

1. Feathery Dragon (Pina)


2. The Gleam Eyes


3. Skull Reaper


4. The Fatal Scythe


5. Ragout Rabbit


6. X'rphan the White Wyrm


7. Guardian Knight


8. Fish


Male character award

1. Kirito


2. Klein

3. Agil

4. Heathcliff

5. Nishida

6. Diabel

7. Recon

8. Eugene


Female Character

1. Asuna

2. Yui

3. Leafa

4. Silica

5. Lizbeth

6. Sachi


Episode Award

1. Episode 9: The Blue Eyed Demon

2. Episode 12: Yui’s Heart

3. The Red-Nosed Reindeer

4.  Episode 11: Morning Dew Girl

5. Episode 25: The World Seed

6. Episode 10: Crimson Killing Intent

7. Episode 24: The Gilded Hero


Director Ito Tomohiko  and Kirito voice Matsuoka Yoshitsugu were guests for a special screen of the top three episodes at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills last weekend


via Dengeki Online

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