Sekai Project Announces "Grisaia no Kajitsu" and "planetarian" Visual Novels

Both games to be released soon on PC

During its panel held at Anime Expo, upstart licensing company Sekai Project has announced its latest visual novel localization projects in Grisaia no Kajitsu from Front Wing and planetarian from Visual Art's. The all ages-version of Grisaia no Kajitsu will see a release in the future on Steam with no definite timeline, while planetarian is planned for a Fall release on Steam, as most of the work is already close to completion with the assistance of Game Art's as mentioned during their panel, Below, the descriptions for each game:

 Le Fruit De La Grisaia

Grisaia no Kajitsu

Set in an isolated environment called Mihara Academy, the school is home to only five students, each with their own reasons for attending. The protagonist, Kazami Yuuji, is a new transfer and the only male student to join the Academy and there he finds…

-- One that should never have been born


-- One that bears the sin of rebelling


-- One who is alive but dead


-- One that no one will protect


-- And one that carries the burden of surviving

Is there anything that a lone student can do for them?



planetarian was the pioneer of a new sub-genre of visual novels. Called a “kinetic novel,” the game was the first to have a linear story with no choices presented to the player. Released in 2004 at the infancy of digital distribution under Visual Art’s Key brand, planetarian defined the potential for visual novels to reach readers outside Japan. Its post-apocalyptic setting and deeply emotional story received high marks from the visual novel community in its home market.


With Grisaia and planetarian being the latest to see a future Western release, how many of you are looking forward to these titles? 


Images: ©Frontwing, ©Key/Visual Art's

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