VIDEO: New TV Spot For "High☆Speed 2" Novel

Second volume of light novel shows off new characters

How did you like the first episode of Free! Eternal Summer? The earliest broadcast date of the anime in Japan was also the release date of the second volume of the light novel series that the anime was based on in High☆Speed 2. The latest volume introduces several new characters during the swimming boys middle school days, which includes Sosuke Yamazaki, who made his debut in the first episode of the current series To promote the new volume, the newest TV spot for the novel is embedded below.



The text in the video says "The Heated Summer Begin With Friends" and each character has a line, presumably out of the novel. The official site is also giving away Twitter icons here at the bottom of the page.





Each character has 2 Twitter icon versions, but Rin's back is turned on one of the icons for some reason.




In the meantime, the grown-up swimming boys are currently promoting Japanese convenience store chain, Lawson for the second time to follow up their successful first promotional champaign. Fans can get original clear files and other prizes by stampeding into the store during the event period starting on the 8th of July, while supplies last.




Makoto has a special role in luring fans to Lawson stores while wearing glasses and an apron so they can collect stamps for the original tapestry of him in cafe attire.


(c) Koji Ooji Kyoto Animation / Iwatobi High School Swimming Club

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