Japan's Public Security Intelligence Agency Features Anime-style Characters in Recruitment Pamphlet

5 new graduates will be recruited this year

Public Security Intelligence Agency is Japan's primary counterintelligence/counterterrorism organization. Based on the Subversive Activities Prevention Act, the agency conducts intelligence activities regarding those organizations which have a potential for subversive terrorist activities. The surprising change in its latest recruitment pamphlet, which is now available on its official website, is that, unlike the previous years, it features two anime-style characters for the first time.


It is not uncommon anymore to find anime-style (sometimes very moe) characters in promotional campaigns by public agencies in Japan, like the mascot characters of Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications we recently reported. But from the public image of the agency, this approach is a surprise to many. What do you think?



The cover page of the 2014 pamphlet



Page 2-3 "Japan is a safe country. But many things are happening behind!"



Page 4-5 "About the organizations of the agency"



Page 6-7 "You can get many opportunities in the agency!"



Page 8-9 "Interview to the staff"


Page 12-13 "For the women who are aiming for the agency"



Page 14-15 "FAQ"



The cover page of the 2013 pamphlet



Source: Public Security Intelligence Agency


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