VIDEO: "Barakamon" Chibi-chara Short Anime "Mijikamon" Episode 0

Starring Daisuke Ono as the voice of the protagonist Seishu Handa

Two days before its premiere in Japan on July 5, the official site for the forthcoming TV anime adaptation of Satsuki Yoshino's Barakamon manga today posts the "episode 0" of the parody short anime featuring chibi-style characters, titled Mijikamon, an abbreviation of Mijikai Barakamon (Short Barakamon). The short will be included in the first volume of the Blu-ray/DVD disc to be released on September 24.


"Mijikamon" episode 0



The manga is currently serialized in Square Enix's web comic site GanGan Online and so far nine 

tankobon volumes are available in Japan. The story centers a 23-year-old calligrapher Seishu Handa,

who is forced to move to the Goto Islands by his father, because he caused an assault case at a party

where his award-winning calligraphy was severely criticized. It tells his totally new life with the people in

the islands including a 7-year-old girl Naru Kotoishi. The TV anime will premiere on Nihon TV on July 5,

then followed by eight stations across Japan.


15-second CM


The poster visual




The main voice cast:

Daisuke Ono as Seishu Handa

Suzuko Hara as Naru Kotoishi

Nozomi Furuki as Miwa Yamamura

Rumi Ohkubo as Tamako Arai

Kouki Uchiyama as Hiroshi Kido

Rina Endou as Hina Kubota

Seiya Kimura as Kenta

Megumi Han as Akki Tanuki

Sugino as Goucho (the chief of a village)

Fumihiko Tachiki as Vice Principal

Junichi Suwabe as Takasei Kawafuji

Yuuki Kaji as Kosuke Kanzaki


Anime 1st PV


Anime 2nd PV


Source: "Barakamon" anime official site


© Satsuki Yoshino/Square Enix



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