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VIDEO: PV for "Teekyu Best Selection" OP Song "Koyoi Festival"

Sung by Kyoko Narumi as Nasuno Takamiya for the summer rerun

A rerun for the 2012-2013 TV anime Teekyu, titled Teekyu Best Selection, started on Tokyo MX yesterday on July 3, then will be on KBS Kyoto on July 7. It is a little uncommon that we can see a new OP song "Koyoi Festival" sung by Kyoko Narumi as Nasuno Takamiya and ED song "Yuugure After" by Narumi as herself, for the repeat of the selected episodes.


The CD singles of the two songs will be released on August 22 separately. "Yugure After" is Narumi's 2nd single as a solo singer following her debut single "Beatiful Dreamer" (Wanna be the Strongest in the World OP) released on November 16, 2013. Check the PVs for "Koyoi Festival" and "Menimeni Manimani" (2nd season theme song), both sung by Kyoko Narumi as Nasuno Takamiya below.



"Koyoi Festival" PV



Kyoko Narumi artist photo for "Yugure After"



"Menimeni Manimani" 2nd season theme song by Kyoko Narumi as Nasuno Takamiya


Source: "Teekyu" anime official site


© Roots/Piyo/Earth Star Entertainment/kameido High School Tennis Club


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