Happy Birthday to Dozens of Anime Characters Celebrating on 7.7!

Yowapeda's Maki is trending in, while Senjōgahara

July 7th is a big day for anime birthdays, with dozens of characters celebrating theirs on the lucky day, including major ones like Monogatari's stationary wielding fan-favorite Hitagi Senjōgahara, Kuroko's Basketball's Shintarō Midorima and recent sports anime charmer Yuusuke Makishima from Yowapeda (he's certainly trending in, while Senjōgahara is out).



Idol, voice actress and Soviet Russia otaku Sumire Uesaka celebrates classic mecha anime Chirico Cuvie's


Fate/zero's Maiya gets her day at the ufotable Cafe



Lucky Star fandom seems to be a bit reduced these days, but Washimiya, Saitama is still looking to attact fans by celebrating the Hiiragi 's birthday





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