"Tiger And Bunny" Manga Artist Hiroshi Ueda Takes His Own Spin On"Free!" Characters

Ueda-sensei drew more than Free! characters, too!

Do you think the Free! anime is only for a female audience? Not so fast. The anime attracts a fair amount of male fans and the artist of the Tiger & Bunny manga for Miracle Jump in Hiroshi Ueda is one of them. Ueda-sensei picked up watching the anime on July 3rd, after only watching the first episode a while ago, only to finish all the episodes by the following day and admitted that he cried his eyes out watching the last episode. As a result, all the awesome drawings of Free! characters and then some came out of his binge watching session.



This was his first Free!-related drawing after he started watching, presumably before he actually got into it.




Ueda sensei's actual first try at a Free! character was Rin Matsuoka. This was posted after he finished watching the first season and said that he would strongly recommend the anime to males who think Free! is only for girls. He also said that he was inpressed at how the anime portrayed water and how being in the water for Hakuka was the place of escape that turned into a place to be acquainted with friends.



After confirming that he usually does not re-draw sketches, Ueda Sensei fixed the parts that he was not satisfied with on the first try, mainly Rin's jaw line. He also noticed that Rin's drawing was RT'ed by many who are not Japanese.





Then the drawing of Rei Ryugazaki followed.




Then the new character, Sosuke Yamazaki was drawn, while saying he has not started watching Eternal Summer yet and signing up for a streaming service for the earliest stream of episode 1 in Japan.




Then Ueda Sensei posted this Sosuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic that he is more used to drawing.




Then he posted Kenshin from Rurou Ni Kenshin since he also has a cross scar on his face.




However, he came back to Free! in the end with this rare Gou chan sketchin swim suit. Ueda sensei was wondering if he should have posted a curvier version of Ama-chan Sensei, so I would say there is a possibility that he will post more character drawings from the anime as he gets into Eternal Summer. I sure hope so!

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