VIDEO: "Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance" Latest PVs Featuring OP/ED Songs

New action fantasy anime will premiere on July 14

Media Factory has posted two new promotional video for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Yu Shimizu's popular action-fantasy light novel series Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance (Spirit Elementalist's Blade Dance) featuring its OP song "Kyoumei no True Force" by Hitomi Harada and ED song "Seireikenbusai (Blade Dance)" by voice actress unit Ni-Sokkususu, with a 30-second CM.


The OP song will be released as Harada's 7th solo single on July 23. Ni-Sokkususu is formed by the five main voice actresses of the anime: Ibuki Kido (Claire Rouge), Shizuka Ishigami (Ellis Fahrengart), Kana Yuuki (Rinslet Laurenfrost), Saori Ohnishi (Fianna Ray Ordesia), and Ai Kakuma (Terminus Est). The unit has also performed the image song for the anime, "Shukusai no Elementalia." The CD singles for the ED song and image song will be released simultaneously on July 23.


The TV anime Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance will premiere on AT-X, Tokyo MX, and MBS on July 14. The

story centers on Kamito Kazehaya, the world's only known male elementalist. One day he is transferred

to Areisha Spirit Academy, his purpose is to find his best partners to win the Blade Dance to determine

the strongest elementalists. If he wins, any kind of one wish will come true.



PV featuring the OP song "Kyoumei no True Force"



PV featuring the ED song "Seireikenbusai (Blade Dance)"



Latest 30-second CM



PV featuring the image song "Shukusai no Elementalia"



Hitomi Harada artist photo





Anime key visual


via: "Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance" anime official Twitter


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