VIDEO: Latest TV-Spots for New "Initial D" Anime Film

The advance ticket comes with a pin badge set

We have started seeing the two 15-seconds CMs for the first chapter of the trilogy film project, Shin Gekijo-ban Initial D: Legend 1-Kakusei (Awakening)-, on Japanese TV since last weekend. They are also now available on avex picture's official YouTube channel. The first film is scheduled to be released in Japan on August 23.


TV CM "Character"


TV CM "Battle"




The advance ticket is now available on a convenience store chain CircleK sunks. Its 2000-yen limited edition

comes with a pin badge set of AE86 and FD3S RX-7.


According to the series' official Twitter, the preview screening was already held on June 30.



Trailer for the first chapter



Promotional poster



via: "Initial D" official PR Twitter


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