Bandai Namco to Pull "Tales Of Phantasia" From iTunes App Store In August

US version of RPG was released in January, game data will be rendered useless

About six months ago, I covered the release of the iOS version of Tales of Phantasia since it was the US Full Voice version of the game that featured the full main game and sidequests for free with heavily stressed optional in-app purchases.


Tales of Phantasia iOS


Remember how I also said that the game required an internet connection before you could even play the game? Well, the figurative other shoe has dropped, as Bandai Namco has confirmed that it will pull the game from the iTunes App Store as of August 28th and render the installed game completely useless as a result of the removal, with in-app purchases being disabled as of July 29th. Bandai Namco has posted the following statement on the game's iTunes page regarding ther removal of the game:

◆Notice of Termination of Distribution◆

We regret to inform you that we will cease distribution of this app on 08/28/2014 (Thursday). On this date, the app and all associated services will become unusable. This includes In-App Purchase items already purchased and save data. Furthermore, sale of In-App Purchase items will conclude on 07/29/2014 (Tuesday). We apologize sincerely to all of our customers for this inconvenience, and hope you continue to enjoy our products and services in the future.


How do you feel about this consumer hostile aspect of smartphone gaming where publishers can decide to render games completely unusable on a whim? Can't say I'm fond of this growing model of both unnecessary free-to-play hooks and lack of ownership privileges, with Bandai Namco's latest move perfectly demonstrating why I'm so against the practice when it's executed so poorly.


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