VIDEO: "Mighty No. 9" Clips Show Off Beck's Moves

Crowd-funded spiritual successor to Mega Man previewed some more

Another update on the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter page offers up a look at some of protagonist Beck's various moves. Appropriately titled "Beck Springs into Action," the clips show some of what Beck can do, from basic movements to climbing, dashing, and absorbing.  


Basic Actions:


Climbing Action:


Kept you waiting, but here it is, the heart of Mighty No. 9’s gameplay: The Dash. No sign of the timid little Beck inching up those steps here, as the Dash’s fearless forward surge takes enemies head on, and shows us just how Mighty our hero  really is!


Dash Action:


Last but not least, once you’ve weakened the enemy with a few shots, dashing into them triggers your Absorb ability, which allows you to absorb their Xel (the bits robots are made of in the Mighty universe) and convert it into power-ups! This ability is unique to Beck in the Mighty No. 9 world, and it’s this ability he has to use in order to save everybody. 


Absorb Action: 


The update also features another Keiji Inafune ROM check, a stage preview, the making of No. 2, and some more info on the newly announced bonus crowd-funding campaign.



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