Namco's CHARACRO Cafe & Bar Celebrates Alto Saotome's Birthday From "Macross Frontier"

Namco's CHARACRO Cafe & Bar collaboration with the series opens this month in Japan

The popularity of Macross Frontier is thriving in Japan as the anime themed Cafe & Bar, CHARACRO will do a new collaboration with the series following the successful Tiger & Bunny collaboration. A new Macross F themed CHARACRO theme will unfold on July 27th, which is Alto Saotome's birthday and the huge celebration for the beautiful pilot is planned for fans to partake in Japan.


Some people argue Alto is one of the most neglected main characters in anime due to the popularity both the Galactic Fairy, Sheryl Nome and the Super Galactic Idol, Ranka Lee. Alto fans who are used to seeing their hero taking the back seat are ecstatic that Alto is the main focus to launch the new collaboration, with the cafe exclusive birthday cake and special paper coaster only available from the opening date until August 10th.



Macross F characters in Cafe & Bar clothing above. New merchandise available at the cafe will feature the new artwork.





CHARACRO will also serve real food inspired by the anime. Right, Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Maguro-bun Fried Rice, 1,100 yen and Speed!! Miracle!! Spicy!! Valkyrie Curry, 1,250 yen.


There are lots of character inspired food items for the collaboration, as you see above.





As it says in its name as a Cafe&Bar, CHARACRO also serves alcohol. Customers can choose drinks to be alcoholic or virgin.





The cafe collaborationcovers many characters who tend to be neglected at other smaller events. Left, Proud Zentradi (Klan Klan) drink, 680 yen and right, Valkirie Engine Oil drink, also 680 yen.





All drinks will come with the above exclusive coasters. Cafe & Bar CHARACRO is located in Ikebukuro, Japan and is open for reservation only.




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