Anime-Planet Gets a Shiny New Redesign!

Wondering what to watch next? Give Anime-Planet's slick new design a look!

Earlier this year, Crunchyroll partnered with Anime-Planet, including a brand-new column to give you ideas on what you should add to your viewing list! The folks at Anime-Planet have been hard at work on a long-awaited redesign of the site, making it even easier to learn more about your favorite anime and get recommendations on what you should be watching next!


Our friends at Anime-Planet have put together a site and community where you can discuss titles new and old, and a comprehensive database so you can specifically pinpoint exactly what kind of anime and manga you're looking for. With Crunchyroll-powered video integration, you can check out episodes from your favorite shows, or test a recommendation to see if it's really for you. New seasonal charts, cleaned-up "watch online" browsing, and gorgeous new profiles only add to the experience!


So as many of you know, Kim's been busting her butt getting Anime-Planet Recommends... to you every Saturday, and I've found a few good title suggestions thanks to it! But really, it doesn't seem that hard--I mean, it's just a recommendation, right? So...


Did you enjoy Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions? (I did, I finally finished the first season!)





Then you'll probably enjoy Fist of the North Star, which has even more intense over-the-top action and heartfelt emotion!


...right, I'm just gonna stick to Fanart Friday. For more (actually useful) recommendations, be sure to drop by the redesigned Anime-Planet and check out what they have to offer! Just... don't get lost in that database, it's almost as dangerous as TVTropes.

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