VIDEO: Trailer for "Happinesscharge PreCure!" Film Introduces Super Happiness Lovely

17th PreCure film slated for October 11

The official site for Toei Animation's much-anticipated film Happinesscharge PreCure! Ningyou no Kuni no Ballerina (The ballerina in the doll kingdom), the feature film version of the on-going TV anime Happinesscharge PreCure!, is today updated with a 80-second trailer and story synopsis. The clip introduces Cure Lovely's special form for the film, Super Happiness Lovely, for the first time.


Story synopsis:

One day, when the protagonist of the series Megumi Aino is showing a puppet show to the children at Pikarigaoka Kindergarten with her PreCure mates, one of the dolls suddenly starts speaking. The ballerina doll named Tsumugi-chan asks the Happiness team to save her kingdom, then takes them to the doll kingdom, a paradise of dolls. However, the kingdom is attacked by the black strings manipulated by a mysterious man Black Fang, and Tsumugi-chan is also captured by him. In truth, the kingdom filled

with happiness is hiding a sad secret. Megumi/Cure Lovely transforms into her new form "Super Happiness

Lovely" to save the kingdom!


Happinesscharge PreCure! is the 11th installment of Toei Animation's long-running PreCure TV anime series,

and is also produced as the franchise's 10th anniversary title. The film Happinesscharge PreCure! Ningyou no

Kuni no Ballerina will open in Japan on October 11. A special advance ticket with two types of "Kururin Odekake

Bag" illustrated with the PreCure girls will go on sale in theaters across Japan from tomorrow July 19.





The poster visual


Source: "Happinesscharge PreCure! Ningyou no Kuni no Ballerinavia" official site


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