VIDEO: 6.6 m Replica Godzilla Appears at Tokyo Midtown Garden

The latest film will open in Japan on July 25

English-language newspaper The Japan Times has posted a 90-second video report of a 6.6 meter tall replica Godzilla at Tokyo Midtown Garden on its official YouTube channel. The statue was build to celebrate the franchise's 60th anniversary and to promote the upcoming Gareth Edwards-directed American film, in collaboration with the on-going summer event Midtown Summer 2014 to be held between July 18 and August 31. The Godzilla is 1/7 scale of that in the American film which is 108 meter tall. And you can also find a 18m-size footprint of the giant monster behind it.


The 2014 American film Godzilla will finally open in Japan on July 25, more than two months later than other countries in the world, excluding China which released it one month later on June 14.



"Midtown meets Godzilla" courtesy of The Japan Times



"Godzilla" Japanese trailer


Japanese poster saying "The world ends, Godzilla awakes."


Source: The Japan Times


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