New 2015 "Dragon Ball Z" Anime Film's Director Confirmed

Film's director confirmed earlier today in Japan

With the excitement surrounding the newly announced 2015 Dragon Ball Z film, more details are slowly being confirmed regarding the film's staff, with the first confirmation coming earlier today, through an Oricon report and subsequently confirmed through a flyer handed to attendees of the ongoing Jump Victory Carnival event.


Image via Kanzenshuu|(C)バードスタジオ/集英社 (C)「2015 ドラゴンボールZ」製作委員会


Battle Of Gods animation supervisor Tadayoshi Yamamuro will now be serving as the director for the new film, which will debut during next year's Golden Week holiday.


The above flyer also reprints Akira Toriyama's comments about the film's story taken from the initial V-Jump announcement, which will be another new story written as if it were a continuation of the original manga, and will not be a sequel to the 2013 Battle of Gods film as many fans have speculated, with Toriyama emphasizing that it will be a "funny story".


While the above is the only new piece of information confirmed so far, how many of you are waiting for this latest DBZ film? I wasn't the biggest fan of Battle Of Gods, but it grew on me and apparently Toei and Toriyama feel there's more stories in the universe left to sell.


via Kanzenshuu

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