VIDEO: Perfume Unveils Full PV for "Hold Your Hand"

Song now available on iTunes

Electro idols Perfume finally see fit to release the full-length version of their very first lyric video which features pictorial contributions from their fans around the globe. Watch “Hold Your Hand” below!



My verdict: The song certainly sounds like Perfume (you can bet writer / producer Yasutaka Nakata was on board), but I miss the sharp dance choreography and/or truly imaginative ideas in their usual videos. I guess that’s cool that they did this with the help of fans who scribbled stuff on their hands and sent in pics, but I hope they are saving up their lunch money for another big splashy PV soon…


“Hold Your Hand” is featured on Perfume's latest single (b/w "Cling Cling) which went on sale on May 21. The song also double as doubles as the theme song for the NHK drama Silent Poor.

BONUS! Promo image for the "Cling Cling" / "Hold Your Hand" single.





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