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Female Fans Name Their Pick For Manga Heroine With the Ideal Body

eBookJapan polled its female customers in their 20s and 30s

In time for swimsuit season, eBookJapan polled its female customers in their 20s and 30s about which manga heroine they thought had the ideal body. The aim of the questionnaire wasn't necessarily to find which is sexiest, but also factor in who looked most trained and healthiest. So, One Piece's Nami got big points for what was described by respondents as the sort of thin waist and large chest that would have to inspire confidence, other characters were admired for a bit of plumpness, or, even in the case of Attack on Titan's Mikasa, her burliness.


Top 10 included


10: Nana's Nana Osaki


9. Ane No Kekkon's Yori Iwatani


8. One Piece's Nico Robin


7. Kimi Wa Pet's Sumire Iwaya


6. Honey and Clover's Ayumi Yamada


5. Attack on Titan's Mikasa Ackerman


4. Bride Story's Amir Halgal


3. Urusei Yatsura's Lum Invader


2. One Piece's Nami


1. Lupin III's Fujiko Mine




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Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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