New "Macross" Anime In Its Planning Stages

Co-creator Shoji Kawamori has been discussing status of announced series

The March 26th end of the latest Japanese TV rebroadcast of 2008's Macross Frontier concluded with the announcement that a new TV anime is the works. There was no additional information at the time, and it sounds like you probably shouldn't expect much more soon.


Franchise co-creator, mecha designer and later director Shoji Kawamori has been doing interviews. Leading up to a broadcast of Macross Plus and Macross 7: The Galaxy is Calling Me, on Mantanweb, he was reminiscing about subjects like the famous Itano Circus and introduction of CG effects. There, he mentioned that was thinking about how to bring the series forward and said that the new Macross was in its planning stages.


He also told Wowow that while ideas are currently being refined, he was working out the essential role for music in Macross' next incarnation.




via @GwynCampbell


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