VIDEO: Travel Back in Time, Battle Samurai, in New PV

New single on sale 7/30

Akihabara born and bred idol group deliver a tour de force of a music video today with their eye popping time-traveling new clip for their new song “Chururi Chururira” which doubles (as these things often do) for a TV commercial for Cup Noodle. But never mind all that now…grab a samurai sword and watch after the jump!




My take: has been on the rise over the last year or so, with a much hyped mix of otaku taste and Harajuku style. This PV has some of the best art direction and visualization in recent memory (if we consider Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to be the baseline now). As for the music, I’ve been waiting for the group to deliver a slam dunk song worthy of their buzz, but I don’t hear much new here (it actually sounds a lot like something from Momoiro Clover Z circa 2011). However, idol music can certainly be a lot worse than a mix of traditional instruments, chiptunes, and spirited cries of “We are Japanese!” so maybe I’m being too hard. Your mileage may vary…

The “Chururi Chururirasingle goes on sale 7/30 and the covers are presented below...


Limited edition with DVD, version A


Limited edition with DVD, version B


Regular edition




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