Japanese LINE Users Have Found A New Way To Touch Their Favorite Anime Character

Facebook is not the only social network where you can play "poke" wars

People are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to use tools that are given to them further enrich our lives. In one such way, Japanese users of Asian social networking platform LINE have been enjoying stamps in the chat function, but who would have thought that there was a way to use the existing stamps to "touch" your favorite anime character!



A Japanese twitter user,@arumaki_nrp posted this photo of Rin from LoveLive! set as the background of his LINE chat screen being poked by the stamp. This tweet was retweeted 8,910 times and favorited 5,599 times already.

The genius stamp is already available in the LINE app, with no need to make a purchase! It's included in Sticons which will act as a emoticon when typed with text, but appear as a stamp when typed by itself. All you have to do is set an image of your favorite anime character, whether male or female, as the chat room background then just poke away!

image via @sararinnko

image via @wannyan_s

image via @nyuni_

image via @kemamisa23

Now it's your turn! Who would you poke?


Source: Netlab

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