Nagisa's Bread Is Already On Sale In Location Inspiration For "Free!"

Strange looking bread offered for sale after lunch episode

The Iwatobi swimming club members from Free! Eternal Summer failed Gou's lunch evaluation miserably, but a bakery in the town of Iwami, the location inspiration for the anime took note of the strange looking bread that Nagisa loves and decided to make it available for sale.



What you see above is Nagisa's lunch staple, Iwatobikkuri-pan. It appears to be an Asian sweet bread with fresh whipped cream, strawberry jam and marmalade with chocolate syrup drizzled on top in the shape of the beloved Iwatobi-chan.



via @iwamitai



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The Iwatobikkuri-pan is being sold for 480 yen just like in the anime. The bakery, Twinkle has been creating Free! inspired baked goods as you see here. Would you eat it for lunch?


Source: Nijimen, NAVER

(c) Koji Ooji Kyoto Animation / Iwatobi High School Swimming Club

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