VIDEO: 1st Trailer for Voice Actress Yukari Tamura's Latest Live Blu-ray/DVD

Latest concert Blu-ray/DVD hits stores on August 20

The official site for popular anime voice actress/singer Yukari Tamura has posted the first trailer for her upcoming live Blu-ray/DVD set "Love Live *Fruits Fruits ♡ Cherry* & *Caramel Ribbon*." The discs contain her "Caramel Ribbon" concert at Yokohama Arena (capacity: 17,000) on September 16, 2013, and "Fruits Fruits ♡ Cherry" concert at Nippon Budokan (capacity: 14,471) on March 30, 2014. The disc set (three Blu-ray discs, four DVDs) will be released in Japan on August 20 at the reference price of 11,880 yen (about US$116) for both of the Blu-ray and DVD sets.






The jackets for the Blu-ray (left) and DVD (right)



Source: Yukari Tamura official site


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