VIDEO: Clips from the World Cosplay Summit Red Carpet

Championships held on 8/2

The World Cosplay Summit may have concluded last weekend in Nagoya, Japan, (with Russia taking home top honors) but the fun isn’t over. No. Not by a long shot. Take a look at a series of new videos from maidigitv that captured red carpet arrives of costumes from the likes of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Uta no Prince Sama and even Mario Tennis below!


Portugal / Macross F


Vietnam: Fate / ZeroGilgamesh


Thailand: Blue Exorcist


Malaysia: Uta no Prince SamaGilgamesh


Netherlands: Magi


Philippines: Sengoku Muso


China: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure




Australia: The King of Fighters


Finland: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere


Singapore: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


Germany / Mario Tennis




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