MangaGamer Announces New Titles With New Localization Scheme

Profits from eden release to go towards two future releases at $100K profit mark

MangaGamer held its late-night panel at Otakon with some new announcements and details on a new localiztion scheme involving two new titles in eden* and Supipara. First, a new all-ages version of Chou Dengeki Stryker was announced with a future launch on Steam, and potential Limited Edition physical release in the preliminary planning stages.

Next, a highly requested extreme erotic thriller visual novel in euphoria was announced for future release with the HD remastered version of the game, which increases the resolution from its original 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768 for all scenes. Euphoria will also be fully uncensored with no cut scenes or mosaic censorship and the game will retain the Japanese voice audio, with all text and in-game menus in English.

Another new game was announced in The House in Fata Morgana with the game being an all-ages release being targeted for a possible Steam release. 

Finally MangaGamer announced its acquisition of eden* and eden* plus mosaic with a catch. MangaGamer will be releasing two versions of eden*: "eden*" and "eden* plus mosaic". eden* is all-ages, however eden* plus mosaic will contain all of eden* along with additional adult content (sex scenes), as well as more blood in some scenes.

This ties into another announcement in Supipara, in which MangaaGamer will release eden* on Steam with the goal of earning $100,000 in profit. Once that goal is reached, the profits will be used to localize Supipara. Should the sales goal be exceeded once Supipara is released, the localization scheme will shift into a production scheme whereby MangaGamer and developer minori will work together to complete the unfinished Supipara chapters and release the rest of the game in the West before it sees a Japanese release.

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