"Hyrule Warriors" Costumes from "Twilight Princess" and "Skyward Sword" Are Retailer-Exclusive

Amazon and Best Buy join GameStop with temptations of their own

Along with a video of Adventure Mode posted a couple days ago, we mentioned the Ocarina of Time costumes for Hyrule Warriors that are exclusive to GameStop in North America. They aren't the only ones getting their own costume exclusives, though, because the Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword outfits are coming to Amazon and Best Buy, respectively. 


So, you'll have to make a purchasing decision based on which Zelda theme you want to rock the most. Or you could just wait until these inevitably go up for paid download or something once Hyrule Warriors has been out for a while. Pre-order exclusives make my belly hurt and put me in a bad mood. 


Hyrule Warriors hits Wii U in North America on September 26.


Via Destructoid



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