VIDEO: "Hyrule Warriors" Gameplay Spins Out with the Villain Zant

"Zelda Musou" hits Wii U in Japan this week, followed by the west in September

The Usurper King Zant is one of the villains that was recently announced for Hyrule Warriors, and he's also the subject of Koei Tecmo's newest gameplay trailer. Watch the antagonist from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in action below. 



Previous character footage included Link in combat, Link using his Fire Rod, Impa fighting with her massive sword, the one and only Princess Zelda, original character Lana, the parasol-wielding Agitha, Midna from Twilight Princess, Fi from Skyward Sword, Zelda using the Wind Waker, a Power Glove-equipped Link, Ocarina of Time's Princess Ruto, Darunia smashing stuff, Sheik being cool and Sheik-like, Impa with her spear, Lana and the Deku Tree, and the evil Ganondorf.


After it debuts on Wii U in Japan this Thursday, Hyrule Warriors heads to Europe and North America on September 19 and 26, respectively.



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