"Evangelion" Hooks Up with "Puzzle & Dragons" for Another Collab

Latest team-up kicks off in Japan on August 18

GungHo Online Entertainment's popular Puzzle & Dragons game is teaming up once more with Neon Genesis Evangelion, this time pairing itself nicely with Japan's Eva Fest. The latest collaboration features new Angels, Misato and the AAA Wunder, Ultimate Form Asuka and Eva Kai-02, and Shinji and Kaworu with Eva 13 Awakened. 


If you're not completely caught up with the Evangelion films, you might consider some of these images spoilers, but they're also stylized enough that it doesn't really matter. 



The Evangelion crossover starts in Japan on August 18. Meanwhile, the earlier Ragnarok Odyssey Ace and Evangelion crossovers are returning to the English version until August 31.


Via Siliconera



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