"Gargantia" Tribute Art Counts Down to OVA

After its limited theatrical screening September 27th, the first episode will be released on November 21st

The Gargantia ~Meguru Kōro, Haruka~ OVA is scheduled to open for its limited theatrical screening September 27th ahead of its November 21st home video release. To prepare fans, the series' site and Twitter account has resumed its feed of tribute art (frequently from R18 doujinshi artists) with a 50 day countdown.


Check out what's been posted so far...


50 - by @akahito65535


49 - by Tea


48 - by


47 - by 218kalavinka


46 - by uta_isaki


45 - by Unou


44 - by nozomiim


43 - by bobobobochi


42 by Ikujinashi no Fetishist


41 - by Shu


And some of their one-panel manga by Kuu and rpk


via gar_anime


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