Otakuthon Sunrise Panel Roundup

Sunrise details more updates for the year

The Sunrise animation studio held yet another industry panel, this one during the Otakuthon anime convention earlier this weekend. As always, more details were confirmed concerning future and current projects.


Starting with recent projects, Code Geass Akito The Exiled is now 4 episodes deep and is still in production, with comments suggesting that the production is being drawn out due to the heavy activity on the production side of the company. One current series that was confirmed for future North American availability is Aikatsu, which will begin streaming with English subs through Daisuki in Canada starting next month. Sunrise also detailed its October Fall season titles:


Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon, with the manga version just starting (and in English) on the Comic Walker service. The main voice actress is Mizuki Nana and she will also sing the opening theme. Sunrise also announced its involvement in the Tribe Cool Crew Dance Project with the Avex Group entertainment conglomerate, with more details coming in the future.

Details were also provided for Sunrise's recent Gundam titles, starting with Gundam Build Fighters, which is currently available at Gundam.info with English subtitles. The next series in Gundam Build Fighters Try has had another key plot detail confirmed in the battle styles during the series, with Build Fighters featuring 1v1 battles, while in Build Fighters Try, 3v3 battles will be common, with elements found in team battles.


The latest Gundam Unicorn DVD release is slated for October 7th 2014, while it continues streaming on Daisuki.net. Sunrise also detailed the latest Tomino-helmed Gundam project in Gundam Reconguista in G. The series was directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, with episodes 1-3 screening in Japan starting on Saturday in selected movie theaters.


The TV broadcast begins in October, and Sunrise representatives emphasized that "reconguista" doesn't exist as a word while confirming that it was being produced for 3-4 years. During that time the title was always meant to be reconquista, from the Spanish word meaning "re-conquest", but at the beginning of this year, series director Tomino decided to change the title to reconguista, because he doesn't want the title to be reconquista and wants the emphasis that the "gui" creates, so that the title sounds cool.


Sunrise also confirmed the first details regarding Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin I, which will be the first episode in the series. The episode titled "Blue-Eyed Casval" will be released in Spring 2015 and will be an original story by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu. For the 35th anniversary of the Gundam franchise, Sunrise also announced the first details of a brand new project involving the 18m full-scale Gundam that first appeared in Odaiba in 2009.


The new project involves making it move mechanically, with a worldwide focus on ideas and submissions, known as the Gundam Global Challenge as a part of the wider 40th anniversary celebration planned for 2019. The submission plans for the following two sections will be in the *Real Entertainment Section and *Virtual Entertainment Section, with the deadline for primary applications being set for February 27th 2015. One of the judges in the project will be Yoshiyuki Tomino himself. Further information can be found below:



Finally, for the Q&A half of the panel, Sunrise confirmed and teased new details on various projects.

Q: For Valvrave, why did things get rushed toward the end?
A: From the first moment, we planned to make 2 halves... the first season was meant to be an introduction, and the second season was meant to be the problems in the world.


Q: Gundam in Reconguista in NA?
A: Working on making it available in NA streaming few days after broadcast, plans not finalized yet.

Q: How many animes are produced in 1 year and how long does it take?
A: Right now we have 14 studios/production lines... All the studios that are working on an anime.

Q: Why didn't Sunrise do the A-1 idolmaster series?
A: Sunrise did Idolmaster Xenoglossia. It didn't do well, and Bandai Namco wanted it done true to the story.

Q: GBFT originally planned or due to the popularity of GBF?
A: Original version only planned for Gundam Build Fighters, but since it became very popular, the studio decided to produce more

Q: (Question about series length)
A: Prefer to make more than 26 episodes, because the energy to put into the production is the same for 13 or 26. So that's why the company prefers to make longer series, so we can divide up the cost, it's more efficient to make a lot. Also, another big reason is that Sunrise is backed by Bandai Namco. And since Sunrise anime normally have figures, toys or other products, having 26 eps gives them 6 months to develop the products.

Q: Can you say anything about the Love Live movie?
A: The content is something that Love Live fans will really love.

Q: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere S3?
A: No plans right now

Q: Live-action Gundam movie?
A: No plans, but not that there is no possibility. We want you guys to want the movie.

Q: D&D/Warhammer and other board game style Gundam figures?
A: We noticed that there are a lot of fans who like those. We don't know why, but the war/board game style things aren't very popular (in Japan). For Bandai, which normally develops toys, they aren't interested in making it for Japan, but for a worldwide audience, it's a good idea...

But actually, two years ago we tried to make it...You know the Dominion card game? We made a game similar to Dominion and put it on sale 2 years ago... 

Q: What prompted to Sunrise to join the other animation production companies to form Daisuki?
A: We wanted to have one company which streamed all over the world from Japan So all the big production companies in Japan joined together to make one studio that can broadcast anime all around the world. So it was more like banishing the pirate version, if we broadcast directly from Japan, everyone can watch One Piece, Conan, Lupin directly from Japan.

Q: What effect on FUNi and CR?
A: In general, we want to live together Since in fact, Daisuki is still a small company, so for right now, they don't care about being a small company. We were planning to share a lot of products from Aniplex, TMS, Toei and Sunrise...

Q: Second season of Daily Lives of High School Boys?
A: I was producer of it... and right now, there are no plans for a second season...

Q: New season of Gintama or waiting for the series to get further?
A: Company secret.

Q: Why did you keep teasing the movies?
A: Before we made the films, the creators made some trailers as a joke a few years before, not seriously thinking they would make a feature film.

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