"Yakuza Zero" is a Direct Prequel to the First Game, Set in 1988

Next game is currently in the works for PlayStation 3 and 4

Sega formally announced Yakuza Zero a couple days ago, and this week's issue of Famitsu magazine follows up with some more info on the PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4 entry. Zero acts as a direct prequel to the first Yakuza game, is set in December of 1988, and takes place in the fictional districts of Tokyo's Kamurocho and Osaka's Soutenburi. 


A 20-year-old Kazuma Kiryu takes partial lead in this one, which follows the protagonist when he worked part-time as the Tojo Clan's debt collector. He shares the spotlight with a 24-year-old Goro Majima, who was busy making a cabaret club the most popular one in Soutenburi at the time. 


According to the Famitsu report, Kamurocho will be "cooler than ever" in this one. A bunch of characters from the first Yakuza will make an appearance, eventually bridging the two games. 


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* Thumbnail image is from Yakuza 5



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