"One Piece - 3D2Y" Anime Special Streaming Plans Announced

Special to be aired in Japan on August 30

Crunchyroll and FUNimation have announced plans to stream this summer's One Piece '3D2Y' special. It tells the story of the two years of Luffy's training with Silvers Rayleigh in Rusukaina Island, as well as the story of Luffy's showdown with Eiichiro Oda designed Impel Down level 6 escapee Burndy World to protect Boa Hancock.


Crunchyroll's stream will be available in the following territories: USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America in English, Spanish, Portuguese.

One Piece '3D2Y' will be available on Saturday August 30th at around 11pm. Due to the production process we can not guarantee the exact time of broadcast.



Recent commercials include

"World ver."



"All Star ver."



"Luffy ver."





Arata Furuta (13 Assassins) joins the crew as the villain Burndy World . His fellow World Pirates include Bin Shimada (Dragon Ball's Broly) as ByoJack, Mitsuo Iwata (GaoGaiGar's Mic Sounders, the new voice of Emporio Ivankov) as GairamShōto Kashii as Sebastian and Yūko Mizutani (Digimon's Sora, Black Jack's Pinoko) as Naichin.



Luffy and Boa's outfits





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