VIDEO: Opening Nine Minutes of "Ghost in the Shell: Arise" Finale

Blu-ray/DVD release planned for October 21st

Ahead of its September 6th limited theatrical run, a nine-minute preview has been posted for "Border 4: Ghost Stands Alone",  the final chapter of the Ghost in the Shell: Arise prequel. 


The third episode's Ai Kayano-voiced "Tin Girl" Emma Tsuda returns, joined by a Kensho Ono-voiced "Scarecrow" Burinda Junior in a case running in the background of Motoko Kusanagi's cyber investigation into a case of Newport riot police shooting unarmed demonstrators.


Yukihiro Takahashi and METAFIVE perform ending "Split Spirit."



pre-order bonus art by chief director/character designer Kazuchika Kise


via @ikari_gendo


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