Dark Fantasy Manga "Sword Gai" Gets TV Anime Adaptation in Spring 2016

Based on the story by Toshiki Inoue (Super Sentai, Kamen Rider series)

It is officially announced today on October 1 that a TV anime adaptation of dark fantasy mange Sword Gai illustrated by Osamu Kine based on Toshiki Inoue's original story and Keita Amamiya's character designs is in the works for the spring of 2016 (not 2015). DLE, best known for the FLASH anime series Eagle Talon, co-produces the adaptation with Monthly Hero's parent company Fields. 


The manga has been serialized in Monthly Hero's since its December 2012 issue and the latest fourth tankobon volume is scheduled to be released in Japan on October 4. Toshiki Inoue is well known for his sereis composition works for many tokusatsu TV series including Chojin Sentai Jetman (1991) and Kamen Rider Agito (2001). He previously teamed up with Keita Amamiya for Jetman (1991), Tekkoki Mikazuki (2000), and the recent Garo: Makai Senki (2011).



The protagonist of the story is a boy called Gai, whose mother killed herself in the wood right after giving

birth to him. Gai was found by a swordsmith Amon Ogata, and has been raised as his adapted son. But one

day, Amon cut off Gai's right arm by accident during forging a sword. The sword caused the accident is

"Shiryu" (Death Dragon) which posses evil spirits within, and Gai is facing a life crisis because of the sword's

curse. To save him, Amon remakes the sword as an artificial hand for Gai's lost right arm. At the same time,

monsters called "Busouma" (Armed Demon) start attacking people in the town. Then Gai's battle against

the monsters begins.



CM for the tankobon 4th volume



3DCG promotional movie posted in October 2013



Monthly Hero's November 2014 issue cover announcing the TV anime project



Tankobon 1st & 2nd volume covers


3rd and 4th volume



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