VIDEO: PV for "Parasyte" Live-Action Film Theme Song by Bump of Chicken

The beginning part of the film will be aired on Thursday night

The official YouTube channel for four-member Japanese rock band Bump of Chicken today posted a short version promotional video for their upcoming digital-only single "Parade," the theme song for the live-action film adaptations of Hitoshi Iwaaki's popular horror action manga Kiseiju/Parasyte. The song will be digitally released at 00:00 on November 29 (JST).


The concept of the video is "the vision visualized the world through the eyes of the parasites." In the video, you can see the right hand of the vocalist/guitarist Motoo Fujiwara is infested by a parasite. In addition, it is confirmed that the opening visual of the PV is connected with the ending visual of the film.


It is also announced that more than 10-minute of the beginning part of the first film will be aired in Nihon

TV's promotional program for the films, "Countdown Kiseiju," at 24:54 on November 27, two days before

the theatrical release in Japan. The first part of the Parasyte live-action films will be released on November

29, then the second part is scheduled for release on April 25, 2015.



"Parade" short PV



Digital single jacket



Bump of Chicken


via: Comic Natalie


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