VIDEO: CMs for "YuruYuri" OVA and Voice Actresses Event Blu-ray/DVD

Director's cut edition OVA hits stores February 18

Pony Canyon today posted a 15-second CM for the DVD/Blu-ray of the OVA YuruYuri Nachuyachumi!, which is still running in Japanese theaters, and a four-minute PV for the DVD/Blu-ray of the "Nanamorichu☆Summit" event by the anime voice actresses on June 22, 2014.


The OVA's DVD/Blu-ray will be released as the director's cut edition with newly-animated scenes which were not included in the theater release edition. The first press limited edition set also contains four character mini panels, booklet, special sound CD, and an audio commentary by the main voice actresses. The price for the Blu-ray is 7,500 yen and that of the DVD is 6,500 yen. The scheduled release day is February 18.


"YuruYuri Nachuyachumi!" CM


Key visual



The "Nanamorichu☆Summit" event was held at Gotanda Yuport Hall in Tokyo on June 22, 2014. It featured

live-performances by the four members of Nanamorichu Goraku-bu: Shiori Mikami (Akari Akaza), Yuka

Ohtsubo (Kyoko Toshinou), Minami Tsuda (Yui Funami), Rumi Ohkubo (Chinatsu Yoshikawa). Both the

Blu-ray (6,000 yen) and DVD (5,000 yen) will be released on January 21.


"Nanamorichu☆Summit" DVD/Blu-ray PV


Blu-ray jacket


© Namori/Ichijinsha, Nanamori Middle School Amusement Club


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