VIDEO: Shokotan Rides a Giant Cat in Ad for Japanese Quiz / RPG

Short commercial for "Witch and Black Cat Whiz" smart phone game features Shoko Nakagawa



A short TV spot for Japanese smart phone game Witch and Black Cat Whiz features Shoko Nakagawa, aka Shokotan, doing weird things with cats again. This time, the voice actress / singer / media personality isn't attempting to devour the kitty in question, though.



Witch and Black Cat Whiz is a hybrid quiz / RPG game developed by Colopl, Inc. for Android and iOS. More information can be found at the official home page here.



Shokotan, in addition to being the voice of Diana in Sailor Moon Crystal, is known for taking weird pictures with cats. Her song, LUCKY DIP, is used in the commercial above. She also performs the opening theme for PUNCH LINE with her band, Shoko-tan♥Dempagumi.


Source: Tokyo Girls' Update


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