Masumi Ishikawa Creates Limited Edition "Star Wars" Ukiyo-e Prints

Traditional style woodblock prints are officially licensed by LucasFilm

Japanese artist Masumi Ishikawa has overseen the creation of a trio of officially licensed Star Wars prints in the classic ukiyo-e style. The prints feature Darth Vader, the Battle of Hoth, and Queen Amidala:





Ukiyo-e is a painstaking process that requires a different carved wooden block for each color used. These prints required more than 30 passes to achieve their unique look. The video below demonstrates part of this creative process:



The total print run of the Star Wars ukiyo-e is limited to 100 pieces each. As of July 03, 2015, the individual Darth Vader prints and the sets that combine all three prints together are now sold out. At the time of this writing the Hoth prints and the Queen Amidala prints are still available in limited quantities for 54000 yen ($440.83 US) apiece including tax.


More information can be found at the official Japanese home page here.


Special thanks go to Scott Green for the news tip.






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