VIDEO: "Milky Holmes' Counterattack" Film Set for February 2016

Advance tickets will go on sale on September 19

It was announced at the Shirokuro Fes 2015 event held at Pacifico Yokohama today that an all new feature film Gekijyouban Tantei Opere Milky Holmes ~Gyakusyu no Mily Holmes~/Movie Detective Opera Milky Holmes ~Milky Holmes' Counterattack~ is set for a release in February 2016. The project was announced six months ago using the ending cards of the fourth TV anime series Detective Opera Milky Holmes TD.


According to the announcement video posted today, the film will feature all of the characters from the previous series. Advance tickets will go on sale on September 19.



Announcement video


Main visual



Suzuko Mimori (VA of Sherlock "Sheryl" Shellingford) also announces the news on her official Twitter




via: "Milky Holmes" franchise official Twitter


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