VIDEO: Meet the Cast of Visual Novel "Witch boy Magical piece"

Kickstarter down to final five days

The visual novel localizers/distrbutors at Sekai Project are down to their final five days to Kickstart a release of Rosemary House's Boy’s Love (BL) game Witch boy Magical piece. At about a third of the way to its $57,000 crowdfunding goal, it's going to be a tough climb to the finish, so to help explain what this unusual story is about, a series of character introductions have been posted. 

A Sekai Project explains the premise...

The game details an alien invasion by the mysterious “Creatures”, and how the main cast banded together in an attempt to defeat them. These Creatures couldn’t be harmed by conventional methods, such as firearms or any physical attacks, so a private military company has conducted research to successfully reverse-engineer a power from the alien world to have a chance to fight back against the Creatures.

That company, Koutetsu Ouban, developed the “Magical Power” that certain individuals are able to wield in battle; these individuals are called the “Witches.” Even though the Witches’ transformation turns their physical bodies female, that never happens to their hearts. The love scenes are only between male characters, which brings us to the foundation for certain unique aspects of this game: the characters will go on an exploration of their own gender identity, asking themselves “If I had been born a girl, could I have become his girlfriend?” or “Which side of me did he fall in love with, my female self or my male self?”

Also, the troubles commonly associated with the Magical Girl genre are also a major part of the action: the thrills of anticipating your own secret identity being revealed, the magic battles with the enemies, and the concerns no ordinary people could experience. And how can we not talk about the indispensable existence of a mascot character? Last but not least, you can select your own incantation for transformation, the names for ultimate skills, the signature phrases and even your sweet words confession to your love. The whole world is yours to adjust!






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