Viz Sets A Schedule For Replacement of Faulty "Sailor Moon R" Discs

If your discs are affected, there's a quick replacement procedure to go through

If you purchased Sailor Moon R Season 2 Set 2 and have had issues with audio syncing when viewing your precious Sailor Moon discs, you're entitled to a replacement courtesy of Viz Media.


Viz has just announced its replacement program plans in tandem with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. WBHE will provide buyers with a free replacement for Disc 2 if they call into a special hotline at 800-553-6937 to provide personal information and be shipped a disc.


The audio issue happens during episode 80 of the series, and you can identify whether or not you have a faulty disc by checking the part numbers on both DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, as seen below.



[via Siliconera]


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