VIDEO: "Hakuoki SSL ~ sweet school life ~" Teaser Trailer

Shinsengumi-turned-students film hits Japanese theaters on February 06, 2016



The official teaser trailer for Hakuoki SSL ~ sweet school life ~, a live-action film adaptation based on a spin-off of the popular Hakuoki series of otome games, is now available online. The film re-imagines members of the Shinsengumi samurai secret police living a peaceful existence as students and teachers at an all-boy's school in modern Japan.



The movie involves the confusion caused by the arrival of the school's first female student (played by Miku Ōno), and how the prospect of Valentine's Day romance distracts the main character from their February exams. The graduation ceremony will also play a role in the film's plot. Hakuoki SSL ~ sweet school life ~ hits theaters in Japan on February 06, 2016.



Movie Natalie via Anime News Network

Official Hakuoki SSL ~ sweet school life ~ home page


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