Main Voice Cast Announced for "Wagamama High Spec" TV Anime & VIsual Novel

Adult visual novel and mainstream anime series both to be released in April of 2016


Crunchyroll previously reported on how Wagamama High Spec, an adult visual novel by Madosoft, was also being made into a TV anime and how both were scheduled to be released in April of 2016. Now new information is available. Madosoft has announced the main voice cast of the game and TV series, and the line-up includes: 



Aoi Shirozaki as Mikiro Minase.



Aine Sakura as Ashe R. Sakuragi.



Anne Komatsu as Toa Narumi.



And Hiyo Sakurano as Karuko Rokuonji.


More information will be available later at the official TV anime adaptation web page here.


Source: Yaraon!


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