"Fate/Grand Order" Adds Sakura Saber and Demon Archer

Rider Francis Drake and Rider Anne Bonny and Mary Read also join

Fate/Grand Order, the Grail War spin-off for smartphones, got a pair of new servants for its GUDAGUDA Honnouji Event, which has been extended through December 11. Both of them will be familiar to readers of introduction/parody web-strips Fate/GUDAGUDA Order or parody manga KOHA-ACE.


In the Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail of Fate, players are able to battle and unlock...


DEMON ARCHER - a gender-swapped version the warlord famous for unifying Japan, Oda Nobunaga - voiced by Rie Kugimiya



Koha-Ace introduction


from Grand Order


Nobu's also appear as game enemies


SAKURA SABER - a gender-swapped version of Shinsen Gumi militia samurai Okita Souji, voiced by Aoi Yuuki and illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi



Koha-Ace introduction


From Grand/Order


The event also featured Craft Essences

Poster Girl



Launch Order

Fate GUDAGUDA Order 



Earlier in November, a Okeanos quest featured:


Rider Francis Drake - previously featured in Fate/Extra - voiced by Urara Takano and illustrated by Arco Wada.


Rider Anne Bonny and Mary Read - new to Fate/Grand Order  - voiced by Ayako Kawasumi (Anne) and Ai Nonaka (Mary) - illustrated by I-IV 


Quest cards



via Fate/Grand Order Cirnopedia and Type Moon Wiki


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