Sekai Project Comments On "Yohjo Simulator" Removal From Steam

Sekai Project will work with the developer to remove disturbing scene before re-releasing the game

Following the removal of doujin game Yohjo Simulator, "a little girl simulator" where you take out dangerous strangers with your headbutt," from digital distribution series Steam, localizer/distributors Sekai Project has explained the situation to HardcoreGamer.  


The point of contention was a scene described as depicting a young female character lying on the ground with a male character standing over her, and a pair of undergarments lying beside her. 


“We would like to formally apologize for not having discovered this content before the game was released,” said Sekai Project. “Had we known it would have been swiftly removed from the game. Unfortunately, this was not the case and we are truly sorry for the severe oversight on our part. We hope that this has not left a negative impact on how you use Steam as a gaming service, or your experience with Sekai Project and our releases. This has served as a valuable lesson and will have a significant but positive impact on how we test upcoming titles before they are released.”

Sekai Project will work with the developer to remove the scene before re-releasing the game.



via HardCore Gamer


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